Career Opportunities



There are currently three New American Academy schools in our community. 

The New American Academy P.S. 770 (PreK-5th) located at 60 E. 94th Street, Brooklyn, NY

The New American Academy P.S. 274 (PreK-3rd) located at 275 Harlem River Park Bridge, Bronx, NY

The New American Academy Charter School (K-2nd) 5800 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 

Applications for each of our three schools are processed centrally through our hiring portal


Educational transformation begins and ends with teacher quality. TNAA success is built upon attracting, developing, and retaining high quality pedagogues who are passionate about creating a better world.

Our written application is the first step in three step interview process that includes a written application, phone interview, and full day interview. Applicants from inside and outside the NYC Department of Education are welcome. Links to the official NYCDOE job posting will be placed on this page once available.

Please see this page for more information about  the job description. Teacher salaries are mastery-based and range from $50,000 for Apprentice teachers to $120,000 for Master teachers (excluding benefits).


We are now accepting applications for the 2014-15 school year. Please click on  SEE OUR OPEN POSITIONS to apply. Applications are reviewed in cycles. Our next application cycle begins April 7th with our full day interview scheduled for mid May. To be considered for our April cycle, application materials must be uploaded by April 6th 11:59 PM. To be considered for our June cycle all application materials must be uploaded by May 16th. 

Note: Applications for each of our three schools are processed centrally through our hiring portal. As you fill out the application you will be asked to list which one of our three schools is your preference. We will try to accommodate your preference when placing applicants.



Appropriate New York City License and/or New York State Certified in ESL, Dual Language, Bilingual, Special Education or Common Branches.

*for Master, Partner, Associate, and Apprentice teachers.


We are excited to sit at the nexus between theory and practice. As we continue to scale the TNAA model there are many exciting internship opportunities for recent college graduates or others interested in relationship-based educational reform.
Our interns are exposed to best practices in education reform, leadership, school operations, and public-private partnerships and gain hands-on experience both inside and outside the classroom.
For more information or to explore interning at The New American Academy please contact